Friday, October 1, 2010

How do You Handle Election Times?

This is the season for elections and this year there’s more excitement than ever. There’s the potential for a power shift in Congress, a new party in town keeping things stirred up, and healthcare reform in the middle of the fray. Is it fun to talk about? You betcha!

While we’re certainly interested and are watching what happens, the question HR people and business owners should be asking is: “How is this election impacting our employees and our work environment?”

Regardless of whether you support the donkeys, elephants, tea drinkers, or the green people in the elections this year, here are some things that you should do to minimize the impact of politics on your workforce:

• Keep campaign materials and signs out of the workplace. Want to put out a sign? That’s why you have a front yard.

• Discourage political debates. As a leader, you can (and should) re-direct political conversations that occur when you are around.

• Keep your political views to yourself. Chances are your staff already knows what you think. Why make them any more uncomfortable if they don’t share your views?

Politics make for fascinating discussions and some exciting debates. They can even be fun in the right venue, but at the end of the day, you will want your employees to be able to work together after Election Day. Help make that a reality.

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